International Church – online

What’s the idea?

The conglomerate of Cosmology Church is meant to be a way to engage into the innermost Self – and reflect outwards to Being and Creation.

The complexity of the World is reflected in the selection of material, and thus will keep up the interest for years to come for any member with dedication towards Belief and Divinity.

This is a place for exchanging views on Life as Humans under the Sun; whoever you are and whatever you might be interested in sharing with others on topics as how to cope in a difficult World.

Faith, Believes, and the puzzle of Life as a voyage towards Death;
and as Religion tells us about a Life hereafter –
all reflected upon as we are gazing towards the Stars.


This Enterprise is an extension of the existing Church;
rather than anything else.

Cosmology.Church.Com. ( C.C.C.);
was officially launched 29.of June – 2017;
to commensurate the 500 years jubilee of Dr Martin Luther who reformed the Church.

Underneath lies the formation of the Church itself by the two most important Apostles; Peter and Paul; and the celebration of their martyrdom on this day.

The actual New Testament text for the day in a Lutheran context is from Jak 1,22-27.
This day is also of great significance to the Catholic Church.


The idea of Cosmology Church Religious Forum was perceived during a voyage to the far East.

As such the Editor was full of admiration finally to having got his og her theology in place.
By looking down on Eufrat and Tigirs from an Aircraft,
it is inevitable for a scholar and others with profound knowledge –
what ancient civilisation has given the world.

In gratitude to the Middle Eastern culture,
and the sublime impact it has had on all of us,
Cosmology Church Com is erected as a tool for tolerance ,
inter cultural acceptance;
and our vivid enterprise and calling as Humans to work together for common good.

Who´s responsible?

For the CCC to appear on the internet; more security and obviously more time to fall at ease with any kind of publicity is needed;
as it is not possible to be in charge of such an undertaking on a sole basis.
It is a delicate issue to come forward presenting anything like this,
as still security measures are not nearly at hand at the moment for the formatting , contributor, idea delivering and executer of this vivid enterprise.

More people will be involved during the next few years,
to commensurate the need for a broad basis of having a continuity of engagement.

Catholic Online

This will in the end be a commemoration of dedication,
and thus more than one will be the drive for Cosmology Church Com.
With time and in fact money,
it will be easier as the Community becomes sizeable,
and thus represents a movement of some importance.

Until it feels natural and secure,
Cosmology Church. Com,
will gradually presents itself, and only for a common interest –
there is no need for a Face to represent this;
as Christ himself supreseeds us all.

Image of the Moon downloaded from Pixabay.