The Logo on top of Cosmologychurch.com, is three rings one smaller than the other that is mirrored, indicating cosmology church.com with its characteristic three letters of C.
The open and including manner this is represented by; is meant to be a very neutral Logo indication that anyone is welcome as a member,
and there are really no string attached joining.

The name of the Logo is ” rings in the water” ; a sublime way for anyone to reflect on its meaning;
but obviously there is a start and the rings afflict the surroundings.

It is also mirrored, an intention from the side of the Redactor who is also left handed;
an intention to use the mirror in more constructive ways; as to get to know oneself,
and pause in the stress of life to now and again really take time in front of the mirror in perusing the positive sides of being an ordinary Human being; boy or a girl.

Finally it is of course the CCC mirrored.