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1,86 cm high. Blond, a bit overweight, passed 60 just, ordained a minister in the Church of Norway on my birthday 1994 in my home town, quitted 2017 .

Now looking forward to this as a challenging and wonderful opportunity to get to know, interact and convey the innermost paths of the soul and the Divine.
Welcome to your own liberation and future of gladness and comfort.

To the USA

So where would I start? I dont know of course which part of the enormous country you come from that visits ; – but I think I’ll start with places that are directly connected to the North here in Scandinavia. I am thinking of the early immigratinon to the US especially form Norway, Sweden,…


My supervisor told me that my mac is too old and does not have the capacity to handle new software. Am I too old? No your computer is too old – I did not realise that it was 10 years already. I am about to cheque possibilities to improve RAM capacity, and hopefully I dont…


a) Becoming familiar with those visiting this site. b) Presenting material at hand that would increase curiosity, willing to share and may be to investigate into what could be essential for our lives today. c) Present Christ, Jesus as a living reality that invites us into communion with him – now and forever after. d)…