CCC light

This is too complex – someone might add; but still interested in joining.

This is a natural and indeed necessary way of reflecting; as we humans always are simplifying and sourcing out what we see and what we actually experience – to be able to read the situation, cope in a difficult world, and really memorising what we see and what we hear.
It is impossible for anyone to grasp the big picture, and thus our brain and mind operates by simplifying to grasp what is going on.

Thus CCC light.

Small adds will be placed here as the activity of the Church itself increases.


Members only:

The World Famous Painting og Salvador Dali:
“The Sacrament of the last Supper”

Closed Forum for Members

Articles on “Guidance to Life”

10 odd questions about the CCC

Relevant information for members as to the way ahead for the CCC

The formation of the Church itself by eager online communication through the Forum and interaction from other social medias and for example You Tube

The CCC is ready to use.



This is for You.

Two yellow roses very close.
Sharing the same connection through to earth by the common stalk with buds as a promise for tomorrow.

Yellow as the colour of easter – following us all through the year of the Church.

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