1. Blog:  A bilingual Blog related to the CCC as a commentary place on material given by looking through; and also an opportunity  for anyone to confide on a secure basis as the e-mail address is very well looked after by a special server and only access to me personally as a ordained priest with absolutely valve of confidence.
  2. Hagia Sofia: In my view probably one of the most interesting, special and spectacular buildings in the World with a unique history related to ancient empires and for a long time a museum. Now in use as a Mosque. To me as an editor, the building as such has a “prism” related to it as something to relate to histroically. It also has an attraction to it that goes beyond words.
  3. The Cosmological concept of this endeavour is related to bare facts. Without  Walls, and without a Roof – it is pretty obvious  that we all are exposed to the Sky , the Nature and in the end only ourselves and how we are relating to  the life we have been given.
  4. The wonderful opportunity for launching this Church was Reformation Day 31. of October 2017.
  5. The idea is that through the years, members will be more and more in charge of all the daily running of this concept.
  6. The reason for this being mostly in English is my own limitations, and of course a way to reach out as far as possible, but the beauty of the World is diversity   –  so any language would have done, but eventually this will function in a way most satisfactory to anyone as it is only a question of time until this will function on any language.
  7. My private background is of course important for the way this concept has been shaped, but it is of rather less importance when it comes to anything else. I will describe my background only in the relation to the CCC , and as such trying to explain why Christ has been such a major part of my life.
  8. There are more to this than meets the eye. In such a manner I want to embrace anyone that shares my views on what is important in life, richness in culture, richness in the soul, richness in the way we behave towards one another, richness in our believes, and richness in curiosity as to what can make another person glad and content.
  9. The vastness of material at hand on this platform is for endless use; not something for the moment or just  for the day. You just pick whatever is of interest  – and then you go back for more when you feel for it; or want something more for the day or your week. It is meant as personal growth, personal insight , personal accumulation of real knowledge, personal fulfilment by  the richness of others, personal tools for coping in a difficult environment and as a means to tackle difficult obstacles in life and in the end as a real compass  to endure and to mature.
  10. Tolerance , kindness towards ourselves and our neighbour, a less selfish life and a most modest appearance is the real hard aspects of our own being – but let’s pray for tomorrow and an improved image of ourselves and the World as such.

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1,86 cm high. Blond, a bit overweight, passed 60 just, ordained a minister in the Church of Norway on my birthday 1994 in my home town, quitted 2017 .

Now looking forward to this as a challenging and wonderful opportunity to get to know, interact and convey the innermost paths of the soul and the Divine.
Welcome to your own liberation and future of gladness and comfort.