[The Andromeda galaxy, picture loaded down from Pixabay]

Cosmology relates to Creation.

Introduction part 1.

[ A] Etymology;

Greek: “kosmos” – about the total creation, the complete world, absolute existence, “logos”; teaching, being accounted for.

[ B ] Religion;

The Cosmological God Evidence, ( earlier used as) an evidence of the existence of God in relation to the very being of the Universe.

There is a religious way to encounter Cosmology, and there is a scientific way of speculating on the very existence of being and creation – and unfortunately sciences seems to have had most attention the last decades as the technical revolution and the  will to concur space has in many ways rouled out the Church belief and the general religious mind as to relate to being as Divine.

[ C ]; The C.C.C.;

In the concern of the mind of CosmologyChurch.Com , there is only an interest in Christ;
so science plays a minority role – but as supplement to; and an interest in grasping the vastness of space, of course always related to the limits, and short existence of everyone – and the subordinate role of man towards Christ and his Father.

[ D ]; Our Soul and Mind;

On the other hand, internet and learning by book is unlimited.
The taks for the Reactor is to engage in personal growth – for those interested; related to Mans Soul and the journey to Infinity.

[ E ]; The Limits of ourselves and our immediate environment; as prefixed and short;

No learning helps us in the end, no books, no teaching; everyone is on his or her own on the way to Death.

Only our own belief and your Religious Practice can guide our Soul to a redeeming destiantion.

As this is said, finding a path in the jungle of learning is more important now than ever – as the vastness of information has exploded and obviously everyone is in need of guidance.

[ F ]; Again, the purpose of the C.C.C.;

That is why CosmologyChurch.Com now exists as a platform for common good, helping each other to form an identity that has a value to every member – and indulging into the very realety of life and death  itself, being and creation, in this context always in relation to Christ as the concor of everything.

[ G]; The role of the Redactor, and of course the decisive role of every member;

The Redactor will eventually point to relevant internet addresses for the members as time goes on – but as pointed out, the intention of the membership is relief of the strife of life itself, communitybuilding in the sense of Humans to relate to each other in a more constructive way – less selfish, more interest in common good, more prayers, more inward looking as you will never find anything of real value about your own Soul on the internet, and a personal growth in love and understanding; rather than strife, conflict, positionmaking for your own good, greed, strife for opulence rather than poverty both inwards and outwards, and devotion and desipleship rather than watching life from a tribune; never to be able to encounter reality itself by feeling a completeness in the face of God.


[H]Christ Pantokrator from Sinai – Pallasart Web Design

(This is the actual internet headline of the Orthodox teaching on Christ).