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Hello and welcome to the Cosmology Church Christian Forum – we’re very pleased that you’ve found us. This is an online space for people to discuss faith, spirituality and ponder all of life’s big questions.

The internet has connected us all in ways that have never been possible before and our forum includes people from across the world, of all faiths and none. Every day they share inspirational stories, struggles, hopes, fears and ask burning questions that they might have never felt comfortable talking about before – even with their best friends, families and partners. We talk about topics that affect everyone, from the ethics of nuclear war to personal experience of abortion. We believe it’s good to talk.

Although this forum is founded by the Cosmology Church, we must stress that you don’t have to be a Christian to be part of the community. The most important thing is that you have an inquiring mind and plenty of questions to put to the forum! We believe that by our own personal wisdom and individual life experiences, we may enrich one another’s lives, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race or creed.

So what are you waiting for? Please head on in, say hello and let’s get the conversation started.


Here at CCC we believe that a church is so much more than just four walls. It’s about a community of people and the uniqueness of every individual within it. Whether you have a religion or not, at some point in your life you will experience human emotions like love, anger, joy, hurt, death, confusion and heartache. But will you take the time to explore these emotions and feelings or even talk about them? It is hard to have those conversations with people face to face? We’re so busy with work, driving in traffic or scrolling through Facebook, that we often forget to take time for ourselves or to simply look at the beauty of the world around us – to stop, think, question and reach out to others.

Although we are a relatively small community, we have big ambitions. The world in which we live is busy, stressful and can be very focused on material wealth and status. In fact, many people wonder if any religion or spirituality really has a place in the 21st century world – especially when so many people seem to manage very well in life without ever walking into a church. Whether you’re religious or not, we believe that community is still as important as ever, and we want to provide a safe space where friendships can be made.

This is why we have chosen to embrace the online world as a way to connect people who may not have had the opportunity to discuss and debate burning questions about life and faith. The world wide web has built a global network of people – from Alaska to Auckland – and we see the positives of the internet and social media.   We embrace new technology and welcome you to a new kind of church for the 21st century!

So next time you’re tempted to spent time scrolling through Twitter, why not come on here instead Join in the discussions and talk about what really matters in life from the comfort of your own home.


The Cosmology Church celebrates a special beauty in the natural world and the relationships between the Earth, the universe and our own individual lives. We see this in a rain drop on a leaf to the sunrise at dawn, in a snowy day or the joy of a deer running through a field. Or it could even be the rustle of a tree on the side of the street. The next time you see the beauty of nature, stop and listen and it may just change your perspective and help to alleviate some of your stress and worry. We have special areas of the forum where you can share inspirational photographs that celebrate the natural world and provide comfort to others. The Cosmology Church believes that despite our superficial differences, we are all made of the same fibres and we aim to see the goodness in every human soul.


Registration is very simple and you can be online and making new friends in the forum just 30 seconds from now! All you need to do is select a user name and dive straight in. You will also have the option of selecting a free or paid service.

• Our free service allows you limited access to the forum where you will find 10 topic areas in the discussion area.
• Our paid service will give you full access to the forum, including our most popular and active conversation topics and 25 + more subject areas. Paid members can also create their own conversation topics.

This is a not-for-profit website however we do ask for a small charge if you wish to enter the “paid for” area. Sign up is only £12 and covers the running cost of the enterprise, including our community of administrators. Any money on top of the running costs will be sent to a range of charities that we support, raising money for important issues like animal welfare and nature conservation. Just click on the SIGN UP button below.


• We accept diversity and difference and encourage healthy discussions and debate. Please be supportive of others, be open-minded and enjoy our special place in the online world.
• When posting, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone – be civil.
• Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow. Having said that, we will remove postings that are obscene, contain personal attacks or break the law as soon as they are reported.
• You are free to change your nickname but please note that we don’t allow nickname changes for inflammatory, malicious or misleading purposes.