How do I stay faithful to God during times of trouble?

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    In the days we now live in, we are unsure of what will happen next across the globe. There are wars, famines, economic collapse, and many natural disasters. Being faithful to God can give us great peace and assurance that we will be brought through by His promises of blessings, but it can be a real challenge. How do you keep the faith?

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    This topic should be very easily accessible for anybody. Why dont you write something?
    It is not dangerous to state that our capacity for endurance are in certain areas limited over time.
    Why dont you express pain og anger here?
    It can be polite to burst out in tears in a world of uncertainty and overwhelming ignorance for the ordinary man and woman fighting to exist.

    Being ordinary is the most honorable on earth. As commoners we are reluctant to overdo the passion of showing off, scream for attention and not really very interested in compensating fragile self esteem by shouting and putting out obscene staging in life that often reveals that there is nothing there – or at the most a pack of lies.
    Being at the bottom of existence is for very many people excessive painful and often degrading. But at the bottom we all fall in the end. Coping with share existence day out and day in marks the man and woman, but why not with pride?
    Nothing more can be taken away from the struggles down below. It concerns almost half of the population of the world – and gives us an incentment of turning away the greed for more, materialism as it is killing us off; and the absolute need to be dependent of God the giver – even if God gives us nothing. This is may be the most stressful and hopeless reality to face: God giving nothing.
    May be this could be an endeavour for us all, to contemplate on how to get the strengt to cope in a world where so many gets nothing???
    The enduring mind sets its inside fortune in relying on the fact that has been the issue at all times; As there is nothing here for me in this world; may be God will give me something in the next.
    Todays sermon ends with Lazarus. The New Testament dealing with reality.

    Just keep on. This forum is for you………

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