2018 seen through the year of the Church

Leaving Fast;

Easter is coming up ( 25.of March – 2. of April )  in the Western Tradition; and for the Orthodox Church end of April.

This is the major event in the Festive part of the calendar of the Church.

Easter is something we all know exists, but it is up to all of us to explore the profound depth of the event, and indulge into the Gospel itself to be enlightened.

The occurrence of the Easter itself makes the following statement possible:

“Here the Future began”.

The End of the Gospel of Matthew is most relevant for us this year.

From chapter 26 and to the end.

All the best for Easter; and take a moment or two to contemplate, reconsider, prevail, endorse, relax, enjoy, and give your life a chance of getting to know the Revealer.









Let Christ, Jesus show us. Let Christ, Jesus enlighten us, and let Christ, Jesus lead us




Lets prey for the World. Anyone needs it. Good Luck.