Hagia Sophia

hagia-sophia-1Picture from the official web site.

Hagia Sophia is now a Museum.

Hagia Sofia is one of the most wonderful buildings in the World,
as it has an ancient history related to three Religions – Paganism, Christianity, and Islam.

Hagia Sofia was finished in the Byzantine World.
Earth quakes has damaged the Dome several times, but it has been reconstructed – probably loosing some of its original light effect as the huge Dome was difficult to rebuild.
Now it is a tourist magnet in Istanbul, and the Pried of the old Ottoman Kingdom and now the more secular Turkey.

The reason for presenting Hagia Sophia on a web page like this is its Divine lightning within the building and the fascinating experience for anyone who enters the building when looking around in the world of a wonder; encountering the play of Light from the different windows and angles and the Dome as something Divine.

The geometrical construction has a sophisticated understanding of light behavior,
and Religious and Cosmological Beliefs combined to create a magnificent structure.
Anyone who enters the building must wonder how this was possible to erect in times without modern equipment and machinery.

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