Hesitante and in some ways reluctant presentation


As long as this entity was not functional , there was nothing to present.

As this phase in many ways is over, thanks to brilliant co workers , more can be said and in the end pursued in the way of revealing and explanations.

As this enterprise was at first thought of as a way to communicate common grounds on how to be human on earth; facing the future; and as a former priest in a lutheran connection it is natural to communicate the message through the Gospel and a understanding that reality is defined by God / the Divine or any other understanding within the largest religions we have.

On the other hand this entity has become more and more a passion from the editors point of view as the successful ongoing process of making it to be has to some extent been overwhelming , exiting and in some ways surprising.

As the Editor ; I have had doubts as to the way ahead  – might there be a collapse around next corner, or would the finances be enough to carry on?


It was just enough; by a few pennies, and I hit the wall last fall; as nothing seemed solvable as the road stopped without external know how.


So , as we are here – congratulations all; as there would be nothing without you – and you wanting to join.

The explanations will be furthered as times are elapsing, but for now it is more or less enough.

The editor is concerned by the issue of gender; as she or he doesn’t  want to intrude into the understanding of who we are – but courageously want to underline that gender is not a main issue within religion , as worship is – and to a smaller or larger degree; submission for us all.

So remember with digression  and a will to convey life important issues discussed or commented on ; the editor is just a part of  – and has no other positions in life except being ordinary; and joyfully leave the rest to the Divine.


All the best for now




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