This will be a site for posting one or another icon in private use.

If you have a favourite Icon of yours and one that is precious for you; why not share it with us.

There is a lot to say about icons and iconography; but at this stage the Redactor only want to share one or two icons in privat use; and say a bit about one at a time.

The photo below shows  one of my favourites, as it is an iconic figure to the Church in itself –  as well as it is a Saint and a faith deliver to us all; regardless of time and specific recurrences during the centuries.

The portrait is of the very well known theologian St. Jerome.

The best for anyone more keen to learn about this scholar, is to in fact go to the library and find books about him.

I think it is too easy to think that wikipedia can compensate for all kinds of wanted learning.

It is not old fashion to visit a library in peace and quite surrounds, taking you time to look things up and socially sit down to read in a relaxing  atmosphere taken time off to contemplate and enjoy learning as such.

I must mention that it  is difficult to get a good photography of the actual icon; so I am leaving you with this version.

St. Jerome on a wall; white background.












30. of September is the celebration of Jerome as a Saint for the Catholic Church.



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