“In between seasons” – moving towards Advent

I just thought that I would present something very unpretentious and straight forward, filling in the time ahead of us with issues about ordinary life.

I wanted to present one or two of our holidays a few years ago.

Me and my wife wanted to look into my roots at Romsdalen in Norway – so we went for a fortnight tour visiting friends and finally managed to put into our schedule a visit to a spectacular area in Norway where the actual Valley and the mountain above is called the most beautiful scenery in this country – and to us of course this was true as I got familiar with my own roots on my mothers side.

On top of that my wife’s father had been in this aera during the 2. world war; and had climbed the mountain I am going to present – in his late 20’ties.

He was at the time off from Oslo one year from the family and enjoyed climbing as a hobby.

2020 –
when we were there it was foggy and for us impossible to think about even starting off for the peak.

Also following my epic story about some parts of myself; you could look into your own background and be curious about your own family and ancestors.

It is very satisfying to become familiar with the important roots of our being and belonging.

I’ll just present pictures one by one with small comments related to each of them.

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Now looking forward to this as a challenging and wonderful opportunity to get to know, interact and convey the innermost paths of the soul and the Divine.
Welcome to your own liberation and future of gladness and comfort.