The Universe, person alone, Silhouette, Stars ( downloaded from Pixabay )

Welcome to Cyber Space and the Church that lifts you behind all borders.

This enterprise puts the actual Member in focus rather than presenting a Face.

Phase one:
Try to find at least 3 minutes a day to just sit down.
Anywhere – at the Bus stop, in a garden, a seat in the shopping mall, anywhere away from people at times to concentrate, in the early morning or late at night; try just to close your eyes and memorize a few items of importance to you before leaving off on to pressing duties.
( If stressful and full of fatigue: Try counting to 60 three times, with breathing down to your stomach ).

Phase two: During the day you now will have positive input in organizing your world with what to do and what not to do.

Phase three: As time elapses, positive living will be an attitude within ourselves; that makes any of us more capable of rendering into difficulties more prepared, more devoted to solutions and more at ease with ourselves and the surrounding world.

Phase four: The Cosmology Church is your tool of coping with reality. The obvious need to engage, to practice, to be able to be recognized, share, and evolve together; is basic human needs as fresh water and air. So again WELCOME


The CosmologyChurch.Com has an entrance fee for partisipating; which allows the daily running of the pages; and ensures a future of evolvement and elaboration.
The costs are kept at an absolute minimum with engaging just a few professionals part time working and investments of necessary equipment for online communication with the Members –
in the future partly probably handled by robots.


Half of the incoming financial resources will be dedicated in doing good; both for animals and humans.
The constituency of the board are allowed to decide as to what;
and an annual report publicized on the C.C.C. will show how the means are distributed.


As the CosmologyChurch.Com is intended as a membership enterprise,
the communication will be ongoing on the forum.
Remember the so called “be careful” poster as to what is being published.


The purpose of Cosmology Churh is factionally to go to Church on the web –
by ourself, with your friends, in company with strangers, surrounded by four feted friends or birds –
at work wherever you are, in leisure time, traveling , alone at night or whatever.


Those who do not possess a machine – can join anyone who might have one;
sending messages to someone you know that might further your concerns,
relatives that might help you communicating; even across borders;
the C.C.C. is not meant for the rich necessarily –
but unfortunately computer equipment is rather expensive.


As the concept evolves, opportunities are so large,
that a sense of completeness in a common “Service” around the clock;
will give the members a sense of being able to share, interact, be a part of, engage,
being open to impulses of great value, start looking for an inward path to a more sober self,
participate on many levels and enjoy the company of a large group of people in the same search for meaning, fulfillments, direction and hope, the same quest, the same human condition under the sun –
but still so unfair towards the actual condition of each one of us; so a-poling and unreasonable in all respects as to whatever our different lives might contain of pain,hardship, sorrow, grief,
undignified lives, suppression, and so much poverty that it only leads to massive despair –
but in the eyes of the Editor; this life however miserable at times it can be –
has the core in it for revival and inner joy leading to our destiny; the Stars and Eternity.


As for now; the “contact” form is for technical purposes; and in the end will be processed through machines.
This means that issues posed to the redactor must wait till a staff is working. Its not possible for one person to handle all questions related to an online Church.
The editor will be a part of what is going on on the forum; but very restrained.
The editor will comment on “editorial comments” for the time being.