Jesus the Protector

In Encantados ; Brasil – they are about to raise a magnificent statue larger than the one in Rio.


To me this is faith in these difficult times; and hugely inspiring for me as an editor of a Christian Web Site ment to be something for many.


Congratulations indeed to the pioneers achieving     this and the Country building this.

Thank God for manifested faith in Jesus these days; especially when one sees lack of faith all over.


More on this to follow even with a telling picture. The completion  is supposed to be this Year.


Another Congratulation to all builders involved .

This is a url site from a Norwegian newspaper you can look up on the internet to have a look at the statue:


Why not have this as a goal this year for anyone to have a “thank you pilgrimage for just being alive” after the pandemic tour?

Why not visit Encantados, or for people in Europe to visit the grand statue in Poland or for people living in Asia to vist the one in Indonesia?

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