Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“About the future of Mankind”.

A major work of an important theologian , Catholic priest and scientist.

This book with 5 essays, will be a groundwork for presenting an amateur video of the basic standing of Humans within the framework of the “Earth Experience” as the Editor loves to call our lives on Earth.

The video is not yet a part of the CCC – but now found on You Tube.

Amongst the basic elements are the Communion shot at night.
Fire, earth and water as main ingrediances of nature found in ourselves as the body experience.

Our soul, mind and consiousness are portrayed within the hemisphere of art and recognition of divine interferance within the none visable part of our existence.
Symbolised here in the Communion.

Altogether this is “La Messe du Monde“; in dedication to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – his life, his work and his profound willing to share his views on our basic standing.
He himself has laid the groundwork for the booklet which is referred to here, where “La Messe du Monde” is a profound expression of Christianety beyond all bordes and in dedication to Faith as our life line surpassing this World.

( Image of a “Sunflower” growing in the garden of the Editor ).

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