Some Odd Facts

I see there are people visiting my site now and again, so why not say something about the intentions related to


First I will say thank you for your interest.

Then this post will have ongoing information of interest to anyone visiting.

Not to overload this page, I will just put up a few points at a time.


Me being a retired reverend in a Lutheran connection, I feel obliged to use my efforts in conveying the good message of Jesus Christ; now on a platform that could be modern, compelling, interesting , evolving for the sake of the members and in fact run on the premises of the actual need for the members reflecting in what appears on the forum when tings get started.


This is ment to be fulfilling for the eternal Soul. Not much attention on the outside World , really.

By active participation from the members and others that might be interested, through reading, communicating, caring for each other and by art to rediscover your abilities to create, be joyful for share living and be astonished of resources that you find inside yourself.

As a person I will tell you more about myself if you ask on e-mail :

but I find it important to say that Christ, Jesus  – religion , art itself and you as a member is more important to me than going on about my own background.

I am more or less on my own I must say  – and admit.

No ties to the existing traditional Church anymore as I did not get on with the system.

I am a member of a small inter religious community in Norway called “Kosmologisk Livstro”.

We have our own web page and you can just look it up.

It has absolute affinities towards my project; and also are involved in indigiounus living and faith.

Hope this will be enough for now  – more or less.

I am a white male, just passed 60 , a bit overweight but I used to look good; married and devoted to intellectual and human interests .

Why should you join, you might think ? Into something new run by a stranger?

Well you tell me

My intention for the future is to make a campaign form late autumn this year provided a discount price for joining in.

All the best for now. The Redactor.

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1,86 cm high. Blond, a bit overweight, passed 60 just, ordained a minister in the Church of Norway on my birthday 1994 in my home town, quitted 2017 because of health issues and a massive dislike as to how the Church is organised and run, looking forward to this as a challenging and wonderful opportunity to get to know, interact and convey the innermost paths of the soul and the Divine.
Welcome to your own liberation and future of gladness and comfort.