Some thoughts on why Art is so important to any Human Being.


Elaboration part 1

Art is freedom of expression
Art is philosophy

Art is also choreography in the sense of having the opportunity of staging your own life – or at least trying to impress someone by what you do or what you perform.

Theme 1.

A Philosophy of Art includes any artist; that’s to say anyone with a pencil or paper (may be both); note book or whatever is the chosen media.

The redactor wonders why anyone leaves the artistic mind behind ever since childhood.

Any child can draw the most wonderful drawings, paintings, colorful expressions of lived reality.

Drawing 1; Man and Woman under the Stars,
drawing 2; Bird and the Sun, with a Church or Sacred building at the side.
drawing 3 ; Mother, Father, Aunt and Children

Theme 2

So what has happened?
An oppression on behavior or rather repression on expected human expression meeting the demands of growing up in a civilized world?

This is sad; as expression of though, envisioned life occurrences on canvas, paper, film, photo, is a must for mental health.

Repression of behavior is perhaps necessary  in a modern civilized world, but it is sad as it accumulates neurosis , fear and often destructive behavior.

Parts of human behavior is labeled “convention”, as a way of interaction; but as “convention” ends up not being able to properly having any real relation either with your own mind or in real communication with your neighboring individual or community as a whole – you and society are in difficulties.

Theme 3

Real relations and encountering reality in a constructive way is hard.

You have to compromise between a locked self and a more fragile and daring approach to your surroundings if you would have any hope of indulging into a proper relation of being / and not being; that is to say to cope with both life and death.

This is one of the Editors favorite topics: How do I interact in a constructive manner in a complex society where so many aspects of life seems foreign and strange to relate to?

The complexity makes humans alien to nearby surroundings and thus more incapable of dealing with their own life and possibilities of private success.

Hopefully mental barriers  will be broken and  anyone to  loosen up and take the chance of breaking  destructive ways and start all over again. This is the recepie of a more content living to encounter your own world and make it more entangeld with the rest of the community as you persist on integrity and devotion to a better life.

The complexity and feeling of lostness in a world controlled by anyone else than ourselves can make a sense of hopelessness.

Theme 4

But the daring mind sets himself or herself the goal of inner richness and opulence first; and then might be wealth enough to pay for a modest, content, close to poverty simple life. That is the ideal, and that is the rescue of our globe. Everybody knows the hardship we are putting ourselves and our environment under by exaggerating the need for too much of anything; ending up with a life of nothing.

Artists are often those who have had to endure the dark sides of life and the necessessety of poverty to be able to produce without fame and recognition, but surviving from day to day in the happiness of being able to share and to communicate life important aspects of living; projected in their own works.

Preliminary conclusion;

Art is serious, and often a God given gift at its best; but also in  some cases a life line into coping with reality presented to anyone as the “heart blood”, “the child”, “the last memory”, “the envisioned encounter”, “the gateway to heaven” , and thus forward……