The Art of Being Artful – A Philosophy of Modern art

Art is the life expression of the human mind.
A necessity for survival in many relations and a needed way of encountering the world with its surroundings, and a tool for coping with reality.

What is modern art to you?

Can an interest in creativity lead you to discover the reality of your vibrant Mind, or in an other terminology; your living and breathing Soul?

We will together go on a spectacular journey in encountering our own Soul; and the ways it reacts to the surroundings and ultimately in the face of Death.

Everyone will have views on this, …… this will be an ever continuing story……….

Shiva dances  A Simplified Shiva Dancing

This picture at large is only an artistic statement; but of course related to the Hindu God of Fertility, Femininity, Masculinity, Creation, our being as part of Mankind, the Yogi and ascket, and even at times  the destroyer of being;

( a hugely contradictory  superior God ); etc etc;  –  in this context only a hint from the Editor to the vastness of the religions world and its importance to us as creatures whoever we are . . …….and note:

He / She is dancing.

A specific connotation to this great God of Hinduism.

And note again; this is the feminine side of Shiva – the main masculine God amongst Vishnu and Brahma.

Further studies is recommended within religion to anyone who seeks deepening of the Soul and knowledge of the Mind;
broadening the vision of Life itself.

Shiva in black and white. Coal on white paper.
He is portrayed on a coloured background; Why?

The reason of picturing the figure in front of another background in colors is to underline that what we see is not always what is…?

The photo shows a kind of technical evolution from black and white; over to colored pictures which in a way never can grasp the factual world as the colored picture will always be a thought revelation of existence – the coloring can never give reality its true appearance and thus can be viewed as a kind of betrayal to our reality and ourselves.

What is illusion and what is your real world?

To continue the evolutionary thought line…!
This is now all presented on an advanced equipment which can reach anyone;
called pc , mac or whatever;
in cyberspace which is an illusionary and only technical reality…….?

What can be a lesson on this abbreviation? What is Reality? How does it afflict us?