To the USA

So where would I start?

I dont know of course which part of the enormous country you come from that visits ; – but I think I’ll start with places that are directly connected to the North here in Scandinavia.

I am thinking of the early immigratinon to the US especially form Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark form beginning of the 1800 and onwards – people that has ancestors and roots from this part of the world.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvenia, and probably many in New York as the transition to your country found place form the harbours at Ellis Island and the outskirts of the city.

( please correct me when I go wrong here or are misinformed ).

To be continued during the week.

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After a bit research I have found that Norway had most immigrants measured according to the actual population.

The picture below has been released from license regulations and is free to use as far as I can see.

It is a US postal stamp of the sail ship that helped a lot of people to a better life on a very different continent.



So what would the name of the ship be? It comes as a quiss once I get the Jivo Chat going.

A treat from me here in Norway is a Viking ship coming into the harbour of New York summer 2016; on video.

I have myself been involved in sailing a Viking Ship around the shores of our coast summer of 2019 with a ship that is a replica of one that went down in Viking Ages here in the North.

It seems that I dont need to have a permission to show it here as it is to be found on you tube.

The URL adress is:

So the bonds between Scandinavia and your continent is profound and ages old.

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