What my Dad Said


I will just reflect on something he said in the period of the making of this project; and I told him that I would not “go public” with myself as a kind of “grounding father”, “leading star”,

“more or less popular figure of adoration”, ” being more or less clever than anyone else”,

” being upfront instead of amongst people “,

” beging very special instead of being very ordinary as we all mostly are”,

” and not the least; getting in the way of Christ himself”.


And he said: This won’t do. You’ll get nowhere without taking the lead.


Well  –  do you agree?

Very hesitant I think I will have to get on to You Tube with a small video now and again to promote the project in a form of lecturing way,  using an old Priests Robe that is  still in use in our neighbouring country Denmark; and was the gown used by all Priests  here in this country 50 odd years ago or so.

This is not because of me – but for the sake of the cause and a get to know endeavour presenting a message of interest towards my neighbour, willing to share,

indulging into business of great concern for us as humans,

and a willing to be touched by Christ  Jesus and the absolute love og GOD.


May be you would give me some tips and encouragement for going out like this?

I am warning you; I will use shades.

All good things for the upcoming Spring from the Redactor.

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1,86 cm high. Blond, a bit overweight, passed 60 just, ordained a minister in the Church of Norway on my birthday 1994 in my home town, quitted 2017 because of health issues and a massive dislike as to how the Church is organised and run, looking forward to this as a challenging and wonderful opportunity to get to know, interact and convey the innermost paths of the soul and the Divine.
Welcome to your own liberation and future of gladness and comfort.