Why Cosmologychurch.com?

Add what’s on CCC light and then put the vision of a well functional community busy with doing good for the neighbour and an eagerness to fulfil the basic needs for any human being  – and you have

cosmologychurch.com  – alive!


As a member you will have access to a membership enterprise which is governed by each and one of us.

Sharing and exploring together on the spectacular way during life to set goals, try to help each other, set your neighbour in front of yourself, deepening in understanding, expanding in positive relations, an endeavour into tolerance and grasping the very idea of positive living  –  endurance to cope with pain when the outcome is a better life  –   and colleges, friends, members of the CCC; relatives and spouse willingly helping you out of the darkness and into a path for the better, a more dignified life under the skies, and a will to concur fear –  in the end a need to abolish unehealthy and destructive ways that leads us all to unforeseen suffering and ongoing problems with unresolved conflicts of the very severe type.  Finally to exhale to limit the very profound greed and selfishness that is about to suffocate the World, and us as humans  – forgetting the ideal of more of less.

This is the World of God.

That means respect towards each other, and an adoring relation to creation and the Creator.

Here it will be a forum for change.

Lets try for the better, and help each other on the way as we in fact need each other more than we often think.

In a christian terminology  we are each others bread, we are each other the wine and we are each others possibility for  kindness.

Lets embrace each other in the sense of sharing the Love of Christ to the World; and his profound influence on creation – helping to resolve loneliness, isolation, coping with the dark side of reality and recurring into the vision of the world that is yet to come.


When it comes to finances; why not go together and form a group of people with only one “front figure” representing the group as a whole – then the amount of what is being payed can be reduced to very small amounts. The fee is needed for security reasons, running of the pages, insuring a future for this project and  an able ness  to staff the enterprise with increased activity.

The finances will be transparent and with an open accountabilety that is referred to annually. The number 12 is of course  related to the 12 deciples of Jesus Christ while on earth; and persons of utterly importance for the gospel and its growth through the rising Church.

More on finances on the meny page.

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